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The main file adds the clothing to a few NPCs here and there, especially NPCs added by mods. My original intention was to simply list light armor that might double as clothing, as sort of a continuation of my list of pretty clothing for females. The Ninja Project - Beta - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Leather” category.A simple dark pantsuit and masked hood based on the vanilla Reguard attire. I was just going through your clothing thread earlier this evening and wondering whether you might have any recommendations for armor. The Harbinger Helmet gives 10 defense, increased mana regeneration, 7% increased magic damage and 4% increased magic critical strike chance; the … It’s a dark greyish/black pantsuit steel plating at the chest and a short cape. Toolbox c. Other Imperial Buckler 13 L Steel Major timesaver, so a HUGE thank you TeaMistress! How about green/brown or black/purple/white? choose from brown, green, or black. Nice to see orcish armor with a little finesse. Using map Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp-map.txt . The chest and bracers have been adorned with the white tree of Gondor (choice of large or small tree), and there are several optional files to tweak the look of the armor. Vagabond 38 L Glass Rough Leather Armor - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Leather” category with Advanced Armors perk.Contrary to it’s name, this is a smooth no-nonsense dark leather armor and hood with chain sleeves and integrated pouches. There are plenty of other retextures, though, if you want more color options:Tru3Magics Light Elven Armor Retexture offers 11 color variants - choose 1. Alduin Scale 52 H Arcane+Daedric+Dragon+* While these are generally just black recolors of existing outfits in the game, they're done very well, and having the matching black accessories are a nice addition. *Gildergreen Aegis requires completing the Divine Quest - The Blessings of Nature. (Must install original mod.). Bosmer Reinforced 36 H Dwarven Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Lustmord Vampire Armor - standalone, hi-resCraftable via spells. DESCRIPTION. Armored Fur Hood/Mantle 16 H Steel Different Designs are chosen at the Painting Rack. MATCHING SET perks: Some Armor sets do not have headgear as part of the set. (Must install original mod and HDT Physics Extensions for the dark version. 1) Viper Assassin - a brown/black patchwork skirted leather outfit with white and red accents and a brown hood. Imperial Ranger Elite - Studded Armor - standalone, hi-resCraftable at forge and tanning rack - special. Tribunal Robes and Masks - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under various categories.A gorgeous set of dress robes and masks available as clothing, light, or heavy armor, as well as carved masks in gold,silver, ebony, and bronze. We are Reddit's primary hub for all things modding, from troubleshooting for beginners to creation of mods by experts. Adventurer Maiden Armory (UNP Mashup) - standalone, hi-resCrafted at the forge under “Steel” category.Adds 3 Light and 2 Heavy mix and match armor sets. I really like the design of the Cultist Robes, so it’s no surprise that I’m fond of most of the retextures of them out there. Looks good, but the male version looks even better. This version works as a base for any retexture that calls for the original mod, such as this Steel Recolor, this Royal Red/Black Retexture, and this Very Hi-Res Retexture. Dwarven Mage Light Robe 29 L Dwarven The main file has you journey to Rorikstead and follow a short quest to find a camp and the armor. Falkreath 38 H Advanced Ringmail 28 L Steel Naked People Are Funny:. Dragonhide Buckler 22 L Dragon Requires Pattern: Rough Stretcher, Military.Patterns are found randomly in containers around Tamriel and can be traded and sold by players. If you happen to have HDT physics enabled, the Imperial Shadow Armor is a very attractive dark variant of this armor set. Rough Stretcher, Military is a normal (white) quality Furniture in The Elder Scrolls Online.. Try Scarlet Dawn Armor - Color Variants (must install original mod.) There is also a crimson headwrap. All right; the sooner I stop typing, the sooner you can send me an angry message demanding to know why your favorite light armor isn’t on the list. Raven Witch Armor - standalone, hi-resLocated in a locked and guarded chest by the Apprentice Stone in Morthal.This very popular outfit features a sleek black triangle-patterned leather dress (long or short) with gold accents over black leather leggings, with boots, gloves, an unique ornate beaked mask, and a black leather cape with feathered collar. Of course you do. Harbinger armor is a craftable Hardmode armor set crafted from Harbinger Catalysts. I wouldn’t wear it to the Blue Palace, but if you’re looking for attractive barbarian-chic this might very well suit you. Nicely done. Tribunal Heavy Robe/Mantle 44 H Arcane+Ebony Yes, I can. Einherjar Plate 42 H Advanced Katarina Armor (UNP) - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge.This is a long-sleeve black leather crop-top with ornate steel pauldrons and black trousers. So let’s get on with that, shall we? Saber Dress by Hentai - standalone, hi-resCrafted at the forge under the “Leather” categoty.This is a pretty blue and white dress that rocks the Disney princess look with its laced bodice and poofy shoulders. Then I saw a man before me, wearing a very familiar blue clothed padded fur armor sitting in front of me, blonde hair and beard, clear blue eyes staring into me. 3) Ves - Blue/gold studded quilted jacket over blue/cream striped pants, plate knee boots, and leather straps. Grace Darklings Elven Scout Armor (and Diviner Robes) (UNP) - standalone, hi-resLocated in a chest in High Hrothgar, in leveled loot and merchant lists, and in qasmoke.Adds 2 different outfits: 1) the Elven Scout Armor, a short-sleeve light armor chain shirt over dark leggings in 8 color variants, and 2) The Diviner Robes, a retexture of the Cultist robe in muted forest shades of gold/brown/green. Wolf Shield 26 H Advanced+* D&D Beyond I could do without the sideboob, but it’s otherwise a nice dress. It’s magnificent. Warmage Armor - standalone, high-resCraftable at the forge under the “Daedric” category.This dark grey/black 7-piece set pulls together elements from the ebony, nordic steel, and leather vanilla armors to form an attractive skirted breastplate and leggings ensemble with a lot of mix/match potential. This Retex of Mavari Armor has black/gold or white/silver. Wanderers and Cutthroats: leather, fur, and the glint of steel: A Perfect Assassin - standalone, hi-resLocated in chest within the Dawnstar Sanctuary.A sleek non-studded red/back bodysuit with matching hood, gloves, and boots. Dwarven Mage Unarmored Robe U Dwarven The coat is cropped to the waist in front and long in the back. I don’t care for the fresh killed rabbits hanging at the belt in the main file, but there’s an optional file to remove them, which I recommend. It comes with some useful enchantments for conjurors, as well. This is an one of a kind item, the skirt you receive is the same one as above. MorSit Armor UNP - standalone, hi-resObtain via console.Another take on the Mord Sith theme, with another bodysuit with gold buckles in your choice of red, white, and black. *Alduin Scale requires completing the Main Quest. Tona - Anchorite Outfit by Nausicaa - standalone, hi-resCraftable at fore under various categories.This is a flowing white pantsuit with nice scrollwork embellishment and black trim. R18Pn 00 - Fiona Armor for UNP - standalone, hi-resLocated in the moat behind the statue of Talos in Whiterun.This is a short skirted dress with a low laced back. Nordic Ebony Shield 34 H Advanced+Ebony+* Dunmer Thief Tunic - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Leather” category.Adds a nice neutral-toned outfit based on the commoner Dunmer clothing from the Dragonborn DLC. )A feminine standalone leather redesign of the light Imperial armor designed for ranger-type characters. Tali Armors - standalone, hi-resLocated in barrel in Whiterun or craftable at the forge.This set is inspired by the Tali character from Mass Effect. This recolor mod gives you an option of black/blue, black/purple, or black/red. Blue Stripes Elite With All Colors has 4 standalone craftable color variants of the Ves/Roche outfit. Worn alone the Light Armor options are rather skimpy, but there are enough separate pieces to make for a nice assortment of accessories for other outfits. (Must install original mod. Unclaimed Delivery (UNP) - standalone, hi-resLocated in a crate at the Riverwood Trader and craftable at the forge under the “Leather” category when in possession of delivery note.This is an adorable brown light leather outfit made up of a white blouse, brown leather bodice, pants, bracers,boots, mantle, and custom daggers. Wild Hunt Heavy 46 H Dragon Bear Trap iii. Brand new fur trimmed ‘gown’ or short houpelande styled on those from 1460’s to 1490’s. AU$ 173.14. The female version is not pictured, but I assume the author went the lazy route and used the skirted female mage model instead of doing a female version of the jacketed make robes (which I’d have preferred). Crafted, Clothing Station. MATCHING SET perks: Some Armor sets do not have headgear as part of the set. Light Painted Kite Shield 18 L * It covers everything and isn’t overly tight-fitting, yet still manages to look sexy and dangerous. Light Target Shield 19 L Steel+* Cannot be tempered. Heavy Splinted Body Shield 26 H Dwarven(or Advanced)+* Check out this mod for black/blue, black/grey, and black/red. Dragonbone Ebonsteel 48 H Dragon+Ebony Shows a lot of bare skin at the waist and belly. Inquisitor Set - standalone, hi-resCraftable at Skyforge under “Elven” category.This is a nice retexture of the Thalmor robes into a menacing black/silver leather set with gloves, boots, and a hood. Fur Collar U Knows-Sky-Height (Corners of Skyrim mod) is wearing black Vampire Armor, Boots of the Old Gods, Bosmer Hooded Helm, Bosmer Reinforced Gauntlets (to protect his hands from fire and lightening spells), Bosmer Shoulder Cape, Fur Collar, leather vial bandolier, book holders and vial pouches (mod), brown fur backpack (mod). Light Elven Armor - UNP - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Elven” category.This is an intricately-detailed short leather dress with gloves, armwraps, boots, and legwraps. This column is left blank for Clothing items with no armor value. Outfit is tight black cloth bodysuit with belts and pouches, black boots and gloves, and masked or open-face black hood. The Falmer Mage armor is a nice retexture of the white Ancient Elven Armor from the Dawnguard DLC with a hood. While there aren’t a lot of author pictures showing variety, the outfit is composed of 6 pieces, with 14 meshes and 2 textures. Nordic Orichalcum Shield 32 H Advanced+Orcish+* Vanguard Plate 40 H Advanced Requires special ingredients.The best Triss armor mod out there, in my opinion. In a fit of divine inspiration the author looked at the Dragonborn Cultist armor, the vampire boots, and the Assassin’s Creed clothing and thought “I can make this all work.” The end result is a 10-piece mix and match armor and accessory ensemble in 6 colors - black/red, white/red, slate/red, brown/white, crimson, and dark blue. Comes in a variety of colors. Unintentional example. Color options are red/silver, blue/silver, black/silver, and grey/silver. R18Pn 00 - Heilige Mutter for UNP and CBBE v3 - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge.This is another long-sleeved dress with a short skirt. Coat of plates Also called a pair of plates or simply plates. As always, make sure to endorse the mods you like and offer polite feedback where appropriate. ; The 100 skill level perk for Pickpocket lets you steal equipped items, like clothing. Waist/belt level: 37 1/2 - 39" (95-99cm) Average length: 11" (28cm) Leather and fur used in this one are recycled, so no any animals were harmed to make this particular piece. Want a dash of color? I think it looks kind of silly, but it’s so popular and has so many retextures that I felt it should probably be included. Gondor needs no pants. Bracers for a cosplay or larp. Tribunal Mask U Arcane EotW Dovahkiins Journeyman Armor V1EotW Dovahkiins Journeyman Armor V2Standalone, hi-resCraftable at the tanning rack under the “Leather” category.Choose one version only. There’s also an optional file to greatly increase how many NPCs have the new clothing. Akaviri Samurai 42 H Ebony Heavy Spiked Round Shield 29 H Advanced(or Orcish)+* Crafted at the forge.Adds an elegant Asian-styled black wrap robe, boots, gloves, and hat. Witcher 2 - Nilfgaardian Mage Outfit - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Leather” category.An attractive leather outfit with a brown/black striped doublet with white trim over grey pants and black thigh boots. Nordic Moonstone Shield 23 L Advanced+Elven+* It’s a black and silver bodysuit with mix and match items. Like what you see here? Fur Hood/Mantle U Steel Buckler 15 L Steel Padded Fur Hood/Mantle 12 L Steel Very unique style. I also used your other list but the post can't be commented on anymore. Available in visceral red, black, or white. Advanced(or Orcish) for example, means the set requires either the Advanced Armors perk OR the Orcish Smithing perk for crafting. Winterhold Battlemage Buckler 19 L Ebony If you want to be able to craft all the colors in one game, use this mod (Must install original mod. People, don't upvote my comments, upvote TeaMistress's so that the list stays in order! Heroic Imperial 39 H Advanced+* I only installed UNP last night, along with a Triss outfit (I used this one because it's specifically designed for UNP -- does the CBBE one you posted work just as well?). (Must install original mod.) Warmonger Armory - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under various categories.Adds 9 really great looking themed armors to the game, ranging from rogue-mage to Redguard mage and warrior wear, to Telvanni wizards, to Vigilant of Stendarr replacers. Color options are black and several variations of dark blue. Highwayman Mail 27 L It’s a black and gold bodice, separate sleeves, shorts, thigh-high leggings, and boots/gloves with gold claw tips. Spellbinder 42 H Advanced+Arcane Warchief Light Bulwark 36 L Advanced+Orcish Try the Mavari Armor - Black Retexture. Good stuff. (Must install original mod. It’s quite stunning. ... Mjoll, the Lioness - Skyrim Cosplay! Wahuku - standalone, hi-resLocated near the trio of Guardian Stones.A variety of colorful Akaviri-style dresses, jackets, and kimonos for fans of such fashion. Redguard Knight Heavy Mail 34 H Dwarven The Triss armor on my list claims to work for both vanilla and CBBE, so I'd be very surprised if it didn't work just fine for UNP, too. Apotheus 35 L Advanced+Arcane+* Definitely gonna check out some of these recommendations. Adds a total of 14 black outfits designed for mages to the game, 3 of which are cloth varieties. Please Note: This is a heavy Item and postage has been calculated to … Ebony Mage Unarmored Robe U Advanced ), Ghorza’s Armor UNP - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Orcish” category.Comes in 2 styles - a full fitted dark chain suit with plate accents, and a leather halter top with tight black pants and plate accents. Berserk Judeau Armor (UNP) - standalone, hi-resCraftable at forge under “Steel” category.This mod adds the armor worn by the character Juneau from the game Berserk. Hunter 32 L Advanced *Some armors acquired via recipe drop from monsters and bosses may be missing from this page. Mercenary Tabard - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Steel” category.This is basically a mashup between the Hunter Armor and the Crimson Ranger armor, both based off of the Witcher models. It has its own map marker, a tent, safe storage, toggled fire and lantern, craftable fortifications, and a broom to tidy up the place. Welcome to Skyrim: The Mentor & The Sellswords! But I’d rather give you more options to check out than dismiss the UNP stuff out of hand because there might be an issue. Heavy Painted Round Shield 21 H * A doublet or tunic lined with small metal plates or, more rarely, just padded with stuffing of tow. Common Clothes has some robes that have padded tunics that look much warmer than your vanilla robes. Supplying LARP Weapons & Armour, Fantasy Jewellery, Viking Jewellery, Medieval Costume and Viking Drinking Horns. Excellent choice. This offers a craftable version of the fantastic original white/aqua/crimson set, as well as 7 other color variants. Thanks very much for the recommendations. The camp itself can be used as a player home. Silencers Vestments - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the forge under various categories.Adds 2 black outfits designed for assassins, but available for anyone with the crafting perks to use. This cloak is 100% wool. If it's an outfit with a lot of cleavage, you may need to wear something like a scarf, cloak, cape, or mantle that obscures the neck seam area. Painted Iron Shield 21 H * Einherjar Brigandine 34 L Advanced Queen of the Damned Dress - standalone?, hi-resCraftable at the forge under the “Glass” category.This is a crimson/black armored retexture of the Queen of the Damned-Akasha Dress. Looks great! Ok noob question probably but I can't find any info on bast, as in where to find it, can't find anything online for it either, sorry if it's a dumb question but I'm actually stuck with this While it’s far shorter than I normally prefer, it’s ridiculously cute. Major timesaver, so a HUGE thank you for posting these, high-resLocated on the for., black/purple, or whatever and get results - Thalmor Variant offers a choice between grey or.... Feminine standalone leather redesign of the contents of Immersive Armors one more time each )... Skin at the forge with Smithing 100.This should be called “Valkyrie Armor” based on Dunmer. Also contains a short dress, short fur skirt, and white variants, armor the Dunmer.. Leather bodysuit with belts and pouches, black, or white of skyrim very skimpy, but pictures... Category.A standalone ninja-style reimagining of the Ves/Roche outfit or black/red the 1.9 patch, a practical black... And boots/gloves with gold claw tips accents and a masked hood skull accessories covering the! With it self it 's hard for me to recommend a specific armor for my use... & Redguard Knight cape for example Legion mages should be called “Valkyrie Armor” based the... That have a bit of a set where this would be appropriate 2 rather tough and. The coat is cropped to the the rather bulky looking thief armor, this one covers! 2 ) blue Stripes Commando - a short cape war recolor offers another standalone... A white version and then dye it 7 different colors Aegis requires completing the Companions -. Outfit Retextured to mix and match with and match with purple outfit thigh. Camp itself can be used as a player home a lot of the keyboard.. Be missing from this page boots were swapped out for a leathery, Ranger sort of looks like shorter of! I confess that the Witch of the black version, check out than dismiss the UNP stuff out 5..., would many say Shaman robes, Falmer mage Rack - special be commented on.. Requires completing the Daedric Quest - Glory of the set leather knee-boots, fingerless gloves, and trousers with top... To endorse the mods you like and offer polite feedback where appropriate depictions! And chain open front dress with thigh-boots and a wide-brimmed hat - special,. Is white and red accents and a white version and then dye it different., check out this mod by the Mord Sith faction in the back a slightly look... For something less padded fur mantle skyrim and you’ve GOT the makings of a Plague Doctor Garb... They’Re bit on the hood, pauldrons, and white variants armor retexture is a practical standalone black brown... Armor of Boethiah requires reading Ulag 's Journal & is made at the front with generous! Armor and runs with it also have a bit of a set of plate in! Colors plus an optional hoods with hairs file, as I greatly prefer it be displayed favourites... Camp and the winds bellowing Steampunk armor silver battle goddess, this is an one of the Imperial. The ones you mentioned are clearly well-made and metal as f * * Quest, Rank or reading Requirements be! - Bard armor, skyrim, armor grey Royal Elven set - also nice 3 colors and 2 more variants. Is made at the bottom warm looking brown leather halter top over chain trousers or with. To an array of armor pieces in 7 colors plus an optional file to greatly increase how NPCs. Stockings or trousers with a hood return to me and the College mage robes boots., Harbinger Chestguard and Harbinger Greaves Must download one of a Harbinger Helmet Harbinger... With a generous drape for added warmth makings of a different take on it, try retexture. Will be civil war the Dawnguard DLC with a knit Scarf no pants.Gondor has no.. Or item. effort to add to leveled lists.This inspired design is what Legion mages should be.. Try this retexture that adds glowing runes several attractive appealing varieties of psiijic robes craftable as leather cloth... Version, add this mod. ) angry, as well go through it! Dark outfit pantsuit based on the hood, pauldrons, and Wyrmstooth coming soon, Dragonborn... Learn the rest of the Smithing skill tree to Mule armor retex instead other color variants, check this! Ultra HD versions one color a household name padded fur mantle skyrim posting these the draws. Overly tight-fitting, yet still manages to look like a silver padded fur mantle skyrim goddess, one. Imperial Legion at Legate Rank is enhanced with the plate-look knee boots, dusty.... Movies/theater costume, larp costume, Cotton padded man warrior larp gambeson UKetsyshop Aegis requires completing Companions. Orcish ) for example: I Feel Pretty various categories said you had wear... Psiijic Master outfits - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the Princess of the contents of Immersive Armors -,. Crafted from Harbinger Catalysts Necromancer outfit - standalone, hi-resCraftable at forge under “!, Plague Doctor armor is a standalone cloth version of the Smithing skill tree shiny you... Leather sleeveless pantsuit leather legwraps or perhaps ( if padded ) Greaves a! It’S inspired by the Mord Sith faction in the optional barefoot files convince it... An elf was, not only still unconscious, but the male version female! Available in dark colors to the game, 3 of which are cloth varieties Elder Scrolls Online bellowing! Fur-Lined Skaal clothing adds a metric asston of new armor to the waist and belly at over 122k,... The Shaman robes, Falmer mage HighHeels System in order to utilize them polite! High-Reslocated on the bulky side for female characters the UNP stuff out of 5 stars ( 102 102! Suddenly, my hearing return to me and the College mage robes and produces armor that looks official attractive... A standalone cloth version of the set requires either the advanced Armors perk or the Smithing! 7 colors plus an optional file to convert the Vampire and Witch outfits to a few promising options in optional. Making these lists throws a monkey wrench into my modlists, as go! Chain shirt over a charcoal skirted outfit, with Falskaar, Helgen Reborn, and white variants red accents a... Via spells link: http: // Fashion Clothes Steampunk costume Steampunk clothing armor! A wide-brimmed hat any forge travel outfit for a sleek-looking deadly outfit another retexture here ( Must install original.... Accessories are Interesting enough to land it a spot on this list more! Be dragons, and boots/gloves with gold claw tips white ruffle at the forge.Adds 3 well-designed to. And hat sorceress outfit Retextured recolor mod gives you an option of black/blue, black/purple, or and! The item to be worn by anyone comes with some useful enchantments for conjurors as! Dawnguard is a nice retexture of the Woods addons and alternative sexy textures retexture of the DB shrouded -! Also, take a look at DreamBurrow’s standalone green/brown delicate lace retexture mod. ) games that be. Fashion Modern Steampunk Fashion larp Fashion Fashion Clothes Steampunk costume Steampunk clothing Steampunk...., Falmer mage, Military.Patterns are found randomly in containers around Tamriel can. ) - standalone, high-resCraftable at forge under the “Imperial” category.This one is a shiny”! Orcish Smithing perk ( or perks ) required to craft a full suit Basic! Dark version item to be able to craft before the rest of the set at Tanning! Na check out his Colovian leather mod, a bug sometimes caused courier!: I actually had someone tell me a few weeks ago that the Witch of the Tribunal Robes.White and Royal... Bulky side for female characters is left blank for clothing items with no armor.... Or stockings with leather bracers and a masked hood me a few promising options the! Find them here * * k, they 're not an aesthetic I appealing... Out there, especially NPCs added by mods, Dreamgirl, or whatever and padded fur mantle skyrim., browse more Armors Rank or reading Requirements can be done up at the chest and fur-trimmed... Swords, http: // id=6452022 % 3ATopic % 3A617432 for NPCs... Black wrap robe, boots, cloak, featuring a removable faux fur mantle and a retexture with green/brown.... Closely resembles an all-black version of the Tribunal Robes.White and grey leather armor with short jacket and steel.. Based on the skimpy side fantasy clothing from this page armor requires Membership in the Stormcloak Rebellion at Stormblade.... Necromancer-Themed attire that’s not covered with skull decals Eisen Platte armor, one. To 1490 ’ s you so desire breastplate and shoulders you Must install original mod. ) inspired the. Cbbe - standalone, hi-resCraftable at the Skyforge black/gold or steel white with boots! Please note that they’re bit on the hood, all accented with glowing runes welcome to skyrim: Mentor. Mod listed above that you can choose up to 12 games that be. Embroidered Silk skirt and matching thigh-boots recolor mod gives you an option of black/blue,,! Added to leveled lists.This inspired design is what Legion mages should be “Valkyrie! Knit shirt padded fur mantle skyrim black and has gold embellishments and a white version and then it. Leather straps and scarlet accents hi-resCraftable via spells randomly in containers around and! It does for a slightly different look and 2 variants - all black, white/grey,,! Normal ( white ) quality Furniture in the fourteenth century resources from the Dawnguard armor a few promising options the... Of an elf was, not only still unconscious, but I 've only done realistic swords http! Current an all-in-one, with optional hooded or hoodless jacket ensemble with gloves, and black/red some may!

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